Rock your new leadership role like a champ! 

5 steps to help you build confidence and clarity in your new leadership role even if you're a bit nervous and don't know where to start.


Congratulations!!  It's so exciting to be in your first leadership role - it can also give you a case of the scaries too right? So many new things to get a handle on!

There are so many things to get your head around as a new leader!

✨ Your new responsibilities. How will your performance be measured?

✨ The new people you need to collaborate with. How do you communicate up, down and sideways?

✨ A new level of visibility. Now more people are looking at you, how do you know if you're doing the right things and are on the right track?

✨ A new peer group. Who can you go to for support?

✨ A new level of expectations. How can you deliver your role and continue to excel?

Want some help answering these questions?

What if I told you that there are 5 steps you can take to set yourself up for success?

Because, I was a new leader at one point in my career and I’ve also coached and mentored new leaders for YEARS - so I know the struggles but I also know the fixes.

I’ve pulled together your NEW LEADER CHECKLIST with a step by step guide to implement 5 actions that have the biggest impact for new leaders so you can settle into your new role with confidence and clarity - and become the epic leader you are.




Easy to follow plan so that you can start actioning the New Leaders Checklist right away and get more confidence and clarity each day. Bring on the good vibes!! 


Practical step-by-step guide for each item PLUS advice from a leadership coach so that you know exactly what to do (and why it's important). 

Bonus Content

By popular request, I've added in answers to these questions: How do I change from an individual contributor to a manager? What do I do if I'm not meeting the expectations of my new role? How do I manage people who used to be my peers?

Yes - I want to be a #baddie in my new leadership role!

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