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3 questions to ask yourself right now

thought leadership Aug 27, 2023




Perhaps you're wondering - hmmmmm this job doesn't feel right. Or maybe you're choosing between a couple of different job opportunities? I want you to use these questions right now to evaluate.


1. Can I Learn and Grow in This Role?

As humans, we want to grow, as leaders we want opportunities to grow our leadership skill set and  have clear role progression in any job. We want to be able to see what the next step will be for you  and whether that next step is available within the company or team? Your ability to learn, grow and adapt are epic skills for any leader, and the opportunity to do that is a 👏MUST👏 HAVE for your roles. 

So you want to be asking...

  • Can I learn and grow in this role?
  • Are there opportunities for professional development?
  • Am I facing challenges that push me out of my comfort zone?
  • Does this role align with my long-term career goals?


2. Can I Contribute and Clearly See How I Add Value to the Team and Business?

Making a difference feels FREAKING good, it fuels your confidence, your motivation and your purpose. Any role that's worthwhile will empower you to use your skills to add value to the team and business - see clearly how your efforts contribute to the success overall.

So you want to be asking...

  • Can I add value in this role?
  • How do my decisions and strategies benefit the team and company?
  • Does my vision aligns with the businesses broader objectives?
  • Does my team feels empowered and supported by my leadership?


3. Can I Have Fun in This Role?

We're here for a good time, not a long time right? Work should be enjoyable - ok maybe expecting non-stop LOLs and great meme sharing is unrealistic - but you should enjoy being at work, and enjoy collaborating with those around you. 

So you should be asking...

  • Can I have fun in this role?
  • Does the company culture resonate with me?
  • Can I see myself enjoying spending time with the other people in the team and business?
  • Will I enjoy the day-to-day bits as well (not just the big fun projects)?


Leadership, especially in your early few years is as much about introspection as it is about action. Regularly taking a step back to evaluate your path or your future options ensures you're not just moving forward, but moving in the right direction.


Happy reflecting!





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