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Are you an emotionally intelligent leader?

thought leadership Aug 06, 2023


Emotional intelligence, commonly referred to as EQ, is a multilayered capacity to identify, understand, manage, and use our emotions in positive and constructive ways. It's about recognising our own emotional universe while navigating the emotional landscape of others. Argh - I love the term emotional universe - it helps provide scale to the vast interior of who we are as humans, we ALL have feelings, and everyone's feelings are important when it comes to leading. Even your quiet introvert who seems stoic all the time through to your vibrant, "heart-on-my-sleeve" employees.  

EQ is the foundation of effective leadership because it creates a bridge between the head and the heart. It fuels empathetic understanding, strong decision-making, and powerful interpersonal relationships.

An emotionally intelligent leader is one who knows how to leverage and optimise their own and other's emotions to drive good outcomes for their people and business. 


Its looks like...


βœ… Takes a supportive stance first. Doesn't jump to conclusions or always assume the worst of others.

βœ… Proactively seeks feedback from others, and gives kind but clear feedback to their people.

βœ… Values other people's contributions. 


βœ… Has a keen sense of empathy, not only understanding but also validating the feelings of others.

βœ… Uses active listening to fully comprehend others' points of view before responding.

βœ… Handles conflict with grace, promoting open dialogue to resolve issues.

🚫 Makes decisions without considering the impact on team members.

🚫 Avoids conflict or handles it aggressively, creating a tense environment.

🚫 Rarely acknowledges the success of others or gives credit where it's due.

🚫 Speaks first and speaks over others.

🚫 Assumes the worst of others, often talks about other people behind their back.

🚫 Takes a "tell" approach rather than an "ask, listen, discuss" approach.



βœ… Listens to their own self talk but can also manage it. Doesn't obsessively ruminate over things and make then into bigger issues than needed.

βœ… Sets goals for themselves and knows how to keep themselves moving towards their goals.

βœ… Understands their own feelings and why they're feeling that way.

βœ… Reflects on personal experiences for growth, turning mistakes into learning opportunities.

βœ… Is self-aware and open about their own strengths and weaknesses.

βœ… Manages stress effectively, using healthy coping mechanisms.

🚫 Avoids self-reflection or critical analysis of their own behavior.

🚫 Has a limited understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses, or may have an inflated self-image.

🚫 Succumbs to stress easily, often letting it affect their interactions with others.

🚫 Thinks their emotions are facts and lets them drive decision making.

🚫 Doesn't take ownership of themselves and their thoughts and feelings.


Emotional intelligence, while innate to some degree, is not a fixed trait. It can be nurtured, developed and refined—just like any other skill. Your leadership journey is as unique as you are, and EQ forms a cornerstone of this journey, shaping how you interact with yourself and others in your role. 

If you're ready to take the next step on your EQ journey, consider joining us at the "Epic Leadership Accelerator". In this self paced experience, you'll gain access to a wealth of tools, practical exercises, and the guidance you need to put your learnings into action straight away. Plus, you'll get a comprehensive profiling assessment (Science Of Self) included in the program to help you clearly understand your current EQ score and areas for improvement.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a more focused approach, the "Science of Self" tool can be accessed separately, and it provides in-depth profiling and tailored recommendations to help you navigate your unique leadership journey.

Whichever path you choose, remember - embracing EQ is not about changing who you are; it's about enhancing your existing strengths and making the most of your leadership potential. And I'm here to support you every step of the way.



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